She performs as a soloist. With her profession as a translator is connected her interest in folk music and the British Isles´ traditionals, i. e. Irish, Scottish and English folk songs, which makes the content of her CDs. Here you can find very popular songs, and on the other side, unique objects from the folklore collections and the authentic British sources. Věra Klásková´s strong point is an intimate cultivated expression and a responsive respect for a song atmosphere, which is made possible by a good knowledge of English. NEXT PERFORMANCE: 20. 6. / 20:00 – Klub U Bílýho černocha / Česká Lípa Boženy Němcové 2942

20. 6. Česká Lípa
6. 7. Kostelec nad Č. lesy
13. 7. Benešov nad Ploučnicí
14. 7. Jičín
24. 7. Horní Planá
2. 8. Vlčí Hora
18. 9. Telč
7. 11. Postoloprty
27. 11. Hořice
30. 11. Česká Kamenice