She is graduated from The Charles University and The Jaroslav Jezek´s Conservatoire (both in Prague). As a translator from English she work at a fiction and spiritual literature for the most part:
Saroyan, M.Amis, Millman, Spezzano, Kornfield, Campbell, Doyle, Whiting, Dyer, Proulx, Gardner, Donohue, Lupton, Stevens etc. A singer, a guitarist and a piano player; a songwriter and a lyricist, too.
Věra Klásková sings traditional songs of the British Isles (especially Irish songs), European Christmas carols and her original author´s songs, for the most part in English. Accompanies herself on guitar, sometimes on piano; she plays KUČERA master guitars.





The SHAMROCK festival in České Budějovice: Věra played with all Irish musicians in the finale of the main concert.